Cotabato City —BJMP BARMM Regional Director, Jail Senior Superintendent Amado A Concepcion, Jr., CESE led the annual celebration virtually to jump-start the year ahead at BJMP BARMM on February 1, 2022.

The New Year’s Call is an age-old tradition in the uniformed services that allows subordinate leaders to manifest courtesy and loyalty to the commander. It is also an opportune time for the organization to renew its pledge of loyalty to the flag and the duly constituted authorities at the start of each year.

This year’s call, Regional Director Concepcion holds the activity not only for the Regional Office Staff and personnel but he also brought down this significant event to the Jail Units with the presence of the respective jail wardens and personnel of the BJMP in the Bangsamoro Region. He wanted to personally express his message to the jail unit personnel for the job well done in striving hard in their job as a Jail Officer and for their contribution in this year’s success.

In his remarks, Regional Director Concepcion expressed his utmost gratitude to everyone as part of BJMP BARMM. He also laid down some of his priority thrusts geared to further strengthen the organization.

He expects that the BJMP BARMM personnel will work as one and be able to monitor the progress and ensure the current plans, programs and initiatives directed towards the attainment of the Bureau’s vision and mission.

Surely, with the great performance shown by the BJMP-BARMM from the past years, rest assured that Jail Officers will aim for greater heights in their accomplishment and will continue to aspire to be of great service not only to the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) but to the whole citizen as well.

The New Year’s Call is one of the time-honored traditions in the BJMP-BARMM wherein the BJMP-BARMM personnel pay a New Year’s Call to the Regional Director to express one’s gratitude for the past year’s accomplishments and to reaffirm this year’s commitment. A simple gesture of attendance and snappy salute to the Regional Director at the start of the year entails a deeper sense of loyalty and dedication not only to the Regional Director but more importantly, to the Jail Bureau. It is designed to build esprit de corps and camaraderie.