BJMP in Bold Letters:Symbolizes the strong identity of the Bureau.
Inscription :Safekeeping and Development, depicts the mandate of the Bureau.
Round Borders :Stands for holism. 
Five (5) Pillars :Represent the coordination among the pillars of the criminal justice.
Scale :Represents the scale of justice.
Philippine Map :Depicts that corrections is a national concern.  
Eighteen (18) Laurel Leaves:Stands for the seventeen (17) Regions, including the Jail National Training Institute.
Jail Officer :Signifies professionalism and adeptness.
Person Deprived of Liberty (PDL) :Transforming from black to white depicts that inmates undergo developmental processes.
Heavy and Thick Bars :Speak of custody, tightened security and control of PDL
Colors:Red (Pantone Guide 185) and
Blue (Pantone Guide 072) – Stands for the primary colors of the Philippine flag.
Gray – Depicts the organization’s color.
Light to Dark
Golden Yellow (Pantone Guide 116) background – Represents the transcending light of corrections.

The BJMP badge that is about to be pinned on your left chest is the symbol of legal authority. It is placed near your heart to remind you of the fidelity and dedication expected of you as public servants. This badge to be entrusted to you symbolizes your worthiness as a jail officer’s worthiness to safekeep and develop the lawless elements of our society, our clients: the Persons Deprived of Liberty
BJMP in Bold Letters:Symbolizes the strong identity of the Bureau.
Safekeeping and Development:Safekeeping and Development, indicates the mandate of the Bureau.
Weighing Scales with Five Pillars:Weighing Scale symbolizes the Rule of Law while the Five Pillars symbolizes the Philippine Criminal Justice System.
Blue Circle:The Blue color of its edge symbolizes professionalism and loyalty to the Bureau.
The Golden Rope:symbolizes the Core Values of the Bureau that are instilled to the BJMP – BARMM Personnel
The Green Background:The Green background represents the prominent green color of the Bangsamoro Region.
Jail Officers :The officers symbolize the three main uniform of the Bureau which are the Bush Coat for the officers, the General Office Attire (GOA), and the DELTA uniform. Their salute signifies allegiance to the government.
The Barred Person Deprived of Liberty (PDL) :The barred PDL in black to white color symbolizes the developmental transition of PDLs while under the custody of the Bureau.
The Crescent moon and the Mosque:represent the dominant inhabitants of the Bangsamoro Region. The Six (6) stars represent the five provinces of BARMM (Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi) and the newly included City of Cotabato. The Book and Sunrays depict development through the programs of the bureau and the BARMM Ministry. The colors Blue, White, Red, and Yellow represent the color of the Philippine Flag.
The Kris:The Kris sword portrays resiliency, protection, and authority. The sword also represents the renowned weapon used by the Bangsamoro People to protect their land during the ancient times.
The Arabic Characters:The Arabic Characters are the equivalent letters of the BJMP Mantra, “Changing Lives, Building a Safer Nation”, in the Arabic Alphabet.